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My sister wants to join tumblr for fandom related reasons.

She wants tumblr’s input.

Is joining tumblr a good idea or bad idea?

Dang the tags looks like a dating website profile.

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Can someone please tell me where all of this nanny “hate” is coming from?

I want concrete proof. Not criticism of the potential story line, but actual hate and name calling, because I haven’t seen anything. (At least not from any S/T shippers I follow.)

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I honestly can’t stop laughing.

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Anybody want to flood the chat with weird questions with me to make it interesting?

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I wasn’t going to bring this up, but I saw the post about magnesium sulfate and eclamptic seizures and I think this needs to be said…

No, this post isn’t about the what happened last night.

It’s about the shotty research that has permeated Downton over and over again. 

  1. The entail. There were ways of breaking the entail. The Fines and Recoveries Act of 1833 was passed so that the entail could be broken if need be. Instead, Lord Grantham decided not to try this avenue…This post sums up pretty much how it could be broken.
  2. Breaking up Downton Abbey. Entailed land could not be broken up piece by piece. You could sell your BELONGINGS, but not the actual land. So when Lord Grantham says, “I can’t break Downton up and sell it piece by piece” (or something like that), it’s kind of suspicious. He and Murray HAVE to know that entailed land can’t be broken up, so why are they talking about breaking it up? Was it entailed in the first place?
  3. Vera’s death. As a chemist (and someone who is certified in lab safety) I can assure you that one does not simply eat an arsenic pie and die of arsenic poisoning. It’s completely laughable to me. It takes DAYS for arsenic poison to cause death. You have to consume an insane amount of rat poison over a period of DAYS for it to cause death. AND THE SYMPTOMS OF ARSENIC POISONING ARE CLEAR. SOMEONE WOULD HAVE NOTICED IF SHE WAS GOING CRAZY. Death from acute arsenic poisoning DOES NOT HAPPEN. Especially in a fucking pie.
  4. Sybil’s death. Two words: Magnesium Sulfate. 

Time and time again Julian Fellowes have proved that he will go to all lengths to write Downton as dramatic as possible with weak research and insufficient background information.

Feel free to add more.

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Come to us angry American S/T shippers. Hate with the people who’ve known since October.

Let us hate JF, cry, and read AU fanfic together.

It’s much better than Downton Abbey.

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JF has expressed that he would like Shirley Maclaine to come back.

If Martha is coming back, does this mean that Reed will come back too?

Because I ship Alfred and Reed too. 

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I watched Downton Abbey last night. It tore my heart apart, but I’m still gonna watch the rest of the series…

I think it’s a terrible coincidence for PBS to show 3x05 on the week of my birthday.

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As terribly as season two was planned and developed, I think it will always be my favorite because my OTP became cannon.

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